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Our mission is to provide opportunities to practice chemical engineering fundamentals paired with theoretical models in reverence of the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.



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BYU Chemical Engineering

BYU Chemical Engineering

The BYU Chemical Engineering Department has invested countless hours and over a million dollars into the undergraduate laboratory experience for upcoming chemical engineers. Faculty, staff, and students in the department continue to contribute to the laboratory experience at BYU.
Clint Guymon, PhD PE

Clint Guymon, PhD PE

Associate Teaching Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department. He has 17 years of experience as a chemical engineer primarily as an engineering consultant in the defense sector with Safety Management Services, Inc.
Rubin McDougal, MPA

Rubin McDougal, MPA

Rubin is an accomplished chemical engineer and laboratory manager. He has spent the last 17 years at Wiltec Research Company completing thermodynamic projects in VLE, LLE, and more. His experience and faith is a huge asset to the students in the chemical engineering department.

Gregory Lakis

Gregory is a senior studying Chemical Engineering and has interests in semiconductors and automation. He has worked manufacturing car batteries at the Sparks, Nevada Tesla Gigafactory. He desires to help prepare fellow students for lifelong learning and service.

Nathan Gartner

Nathan is a senior in Chemical Engineering and has interest in working in the semiconductor industry after graduation. He is expected to graduate in April of 2024.

Nathaniel Adams

Nathaniel is a sophomore in Chemical Engineering and has an interest in process design and safety consulting. He is expected to graduate in April of 2026.

Previous Members

Jacob Burrell

Jacob Burrell

Jacob is now a chemical engineering consultant with Safety Management Services, Inc. working in the defense industry. He graduated from BYU with a BS in Chemical Engineering in 2023.