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Analytical Equipment


The Sartorius scale in the UO lab is capable of measuring the weight of an object to five decimal places.

Karl Fisher Titrator

This titration device is used in the separations lab ChEn 445. It is used to determine the unknown concentration of water in a solution.


The Eravap unit located in the fundamentals lab is an automative machine to test the vapor pressure of a liquid. It is used in the ChEn 385 Thermodynamics and Heat & Mass Transfer lab.

HP Gas Chromatograph

Two of these machines are located in the UO Lab to perform the catalytic methanation experiment. Gas chromatography measures the quantity of individual compounds in a sample.


Concentration is measured using an index of refraction to differentiate between compounds in a mixture. The refractometer is used by students in the ChEn 445 Separations and ChEn 385 Thermodynamics and Heat & Mass Transfer lab.

Shimadzu Gas Chromatograph

Another method of quantifying the concentration of a compound in a substance is possible using a chromatograph. The Shimadzu GC will help students in the ChEn 445 separations lab.

Density Meter

The density of a fluid can be measured with this device when a sample is placed inside.


The concentration of a known compound is determined by measuring the intensity of light detected in the sample. The spectrophotometer is used on the reaction carts to measure the concentration of red 40 in solution.