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ChEn 345 Materials and Reactions

Corrosion Test Chamber

Corrosion of metals costs the world economy around $2.5 trillion per year. This lab is to help you see corrosion in action and gain a better understanding of how it occurs. The subsequent lab will cover some topics of how to protect against corrosion.

Reactor Cart

The reactor cart allows students to calculate constants, rate laws, and other information for reactions occurring in a CSTR, PFR, and batch reactor.

Tensile Strength Tester

Different materials will behave differently when stress is applied, and the behavior will vary with temperature and possibly time. One way to identify these properties is by generating a stress-strain plot using a tensile machine. The machine applies an axial load or force by changing the length of the material.

Pressure Vessel

Pressure relief valves are part of the layered safety system used when dealing with chemicals stored under pressure. The chemicals may be contained in a storage tank or a reactor. In this lab you will review principles of pressure relief valves and analyze a relief valve on a tank to see if it is adequate for its intended purpose.

Polymer Degradation

This lab is to help you see degradation in action. We also examine degradation of a polymer used as a barrier material in laboratory safety gloves.
Ozone SDS

Surface Tension

In this lab, students will perform experiments with surface tension and capillary action.